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How can I see the inside of a property? 
All of our properties are unlocked during daylight hours.  You may enter at your convenience as long as the sun is shining.
Will you work with me on the security deposit and first month's rent? 
It is our policy to collect the first month's rent and security deposit in full; prior to an applicant moving into our properties.  However, during the application interview, you may ask for an exception to this policy.  The owners will make a decision based on the application.  Please note that we do run specials occasionally throughout the year.  The specials will allow for some amount of free rent.  Keep an eye on this website for information on rent specials.

I have found a unit I want to rent, now what? 
Once you have picked out the unit you would like to live in, please print out the application found under Contact Us on this website.  Applications may also be available inside the property or at our office.  Please call 434-845-2100 if you have any questions about completing the rental application.
What is involved in the application process?
Our administrative personnel will inquire about previous rental history, employment and various pertinent information about persons who will be visiting our properties.  Once the application is completed, we will verify the information by checking references and checking civil and criminal background using sources open to the public. There is a $20 application fee per adult for the application.  It is an intensive process so please, only serious inquiries. 

How long does it take for a decision to be made on an application?
Once the application is completed, we usually have an answer in 24 to 36 hours.  The only part that can not be determined is how long it takes to get references, therefore, we can not guarantee a response in any certain amount of time.  
I have previous landlord judgments.  Will my application be denied?
When we consider judgments,  we look at the age, number, size and if they are paid.  On many occasions, we choose to help families that have fallen on hard times.  Our decision is based on the entirety of the application with emphasis given to amount of income and current landlord reference when deciding whether to overlook a judgment.

I have some criminal charges.  Will my application be denied?
The safety of our tenants are of utmost importance to us.  We take all criminal charges very seriously.  When considering criminal charges, we look at the type of charge, repeat offenses, and how old the charge is. We find it difficult to overlook violent charges and drug distribution charges because of the impact on our tenants. However, we have helped reformed criminals when the charges are really old and there are strong employment and landlord references.

I have poor credit.  Will my application be denied?
Your application will be considered on all aspects.  We can overlook bad credit when there is substantial employment history and landlord references.  We are mostly concerned with how you paid housing costs. However, current or pending garnishments will negatively impact your application.  If you have a specific concern about an issue, you may discuss it with our administrative personnel at the time of the application. 

I need a lease term that is less than a year.  Can you accommodate that?
It is our policy to provide one year lease terms only.  However, under extenuating circumstances, we have provided 6 month lease terms with certain conditions.  You may make a request for an exception when you contact our administrative personnel for your application interview. Out of state students attending a local University will be allowed a lease term in line with the length of the school session.  
Are any utilities included?
No.  Water, sewer and trash are additional fees that are paid to us when the monthly rent is due in most of the mobile home parks.  The free-standing home tenants must have all utilities in their own name. 
Will you hold a property for me?
We may, at our option, hold a property for up to two weeks with a holding deposit.  Typically, we operate on a first come, first served basis.  However, once your application is approved, you may request to hold a property and the owners will make a decision based on the specific issues at that time.
Are your mobile home parks safe?
We make every effort to provide a safe, healthy atmosphere.  Several of our Parks have active Neighborhood Watch Programs.  We also have partnerships with the Police Department in many communities.  These active partnerships allow us to review calls for assistance to 911 from our properties on a monthly basis.  We address all issues of domestic violence and issues connected to alcohol and drug abuse.  We have developed a formal written warning policy.  Each tenant can receive 2 written warnings.  The third notice will be a lease termination notice requiring the home be vacated within 30 days.

We began this program in June of 2009.  We evicted many tenants in the beginning.  By the end of 2009, we had reduced the number of calls for assistance by 80% in 6 months.  As we refilled the homes, all new applications were screened closely.  We make every effort to find stable, responsible tenants. For all of these reasons, we do believe our parks are safe.  Current statistics from the local Police Departments confirm that.
Will you accept Section 8 or payments from the Housing Authority?
Yes. We currently work with several local Housing Authorities.  Please contact us to see what we have available in your area.
Will you accept vouchers from an assistance agency?
Yes.  We will accept emergency assistance pledges from organizations like Lyn-Cag, Interfaith Outreach, Social Services and Salvation Army as well as many others.  We work with them on a regular basis and we will accept payments from their programs that pay either first month's rent or security deposit. 
Do you provide subsidized or low-income housing?
No, we do not provide subsidized housing. 
My only income is a Social Security check.  Will my application be denied?
Not necessarily.  Our income guidelines require that the housing cost be at about 33 percent of total income.  For example, to qualify for a $300 unit, the application's total monthly income should be about $1000.